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Your Hemp Hearts™ (shelled hemp seeds) make me feel good in so many ways. I just want you to know that I have been enjoying them for a few years now. I include them in things like my famous hempseed salad dressing, my lentil/hemp loaf, cookies and blueberry pancakes. All my recipes are gluten free because I am one of the estimated 1 in 100 people with a gluten intolerance. I also have great difficulty digesting meat. Hemp Hearts™ (shelled hemp seeds) are a valuable, tasty, easily accessible complete nutrition source for my body.

Another wonderful part of enjoying Hemp Hearts™ (shelled hemp seeds) is knowing that they are as good for Mother Earth as they are for me! This is one truly amazing plant! It has the ability to feed, house, clothe and fuel humanitywhile healing and nourishing Mother Earth.

I am grateful to all who believe in hemp. Thanks to everyone at Healing Source for wanting to be part ofsharing this valuable resource with the world.

Aspen, CO, USA

- - -

I have Parkinson's Disease. I take a lot of pills every day. I was so constipated from all the pills "drying me out" that sometimes I could not have a bowel movement for 2 weeks, and even then it was painful and time-consuming. The Hemp Hearts helped immensely with this problem. I found much relief even the second day I started eating them.

The Hemp Hearts also helped me very much with having more stamina, strength, alertness, and endurance to face the daily tasks, such as getting in and out of a car, and driving a car at high speeds, in heavy freeway traffic. I have found that eating Hemp Hearts with fruit and yogurt every morning is one of the highlights of my day. I seem to have renewed endurance and know I have clear bowels as a result of eating Hemp Hearts. I think they are good for me and they taste good too.

Tempe, AZ, USA

- - -

About a year ago I was in a very painful condition suffering from arthritis, gout, high blood pressure and type two diabetes, also a bit over weight. I had to have my wife hold my arm so that I would not fall even though I was using two canes.
My sister told me that she had some friends that eat Hemp Hearts daily and it was helping them, so I thought it was worth a try and I got my wife to drive me to Penticton some sixty kilometers away and I got a couple of pounds and started. I soon discovered that I was feeling better. Then I went on the internet and found that I could get Hemp Hearts from a firm called and it could be delivered to my door and I have taken it ever since.

Here are the changes that took place in my life:

I no longer use canes.
I no longer take demeral for pain.
Arthritis and gout are gone.
My blood sugar count has dropped to 6.4 average.
My blood pressure is normal again
My weight has dropped from 224 pounds to 210.
I might also add that I now feel like doing things instead of sitting around suffering.
I would be glad to tell anyone who would like to know about this amazing food.

Keremeos, BC, Canada

- - -

I tried Hemp Hearts once from a health food store and now I am hooked for life. It is amazing stuff. I have been a "nutritional overachiever" all my adult life, but now I am losing weight. Not only that, but my blood pressure went significantly down to the astonishment of my doctor and I feel good. Now, that I am 73, I wish I had known and started with Hemp Hearts a long time ago. My friends have noticed how taking my 4 tablespoons of Hemp Hearts each day have helped to improve my health and well being so much, they are taking it too. To me this is natural medicine at its best.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

- - -

When trying something new, I’m always skeptical. I’m always leaning on the side of caution. A friend gave me one of the sample bags of that came with his case of Hemp Hearts. I tried a little, then a little more; now I use the recommended 4 heaping tablespoons a day, and I never felt better. Hemp Hearts is the best way to get ones Omega-3 and is easy on the stomach. I will now use my sample bags from the case that I got to help others...

Thank-You Healing Source from Hemp Hearts for changing my life for the better!

Carleton Place, ON, Canada

- - -

Just wanted to say that I really like your Hemp Hearts. I now happily include Hemp Hearts into my daily diet each morning, and feel good about it.  At 56 yrs of age, I now have more energy than I've had in years.  The only thing I do different from my previous diet routine, is ingest Hemp Hearts, so it must be the source for my burst of energy.

Lakefield, ON, Canada

- - -

I have been using the Hemp Hearts for the past 10 - 15 days and WOW. What a fantastic product. I absolutely love it. The energy that I have now is amazing. I go from dawn (or just about) to dusk (actually later).

Edmonton, AB, Canada

- - -

Just some feed back, my husband's blood pressure has dropped considerately since taking your product, my 86 year old mother has more energy than in a long time and will not start her morning without her Hemp Hearts. Two aunts in Campbellford, Ontario order from you now and have amazing energy. My dad who is a cancer survivor also takes hemp hearts and they have told all their friends so get ready for more orders from BC and Ontario. Thanks.


- - -

They certainly have helped my osteoarthritis of the knees, and have given me lots of energy, and I've only been using them for a few days... I have now been using Hemp Hearts (4 tablespoons in the morning) for a week and my sleep patterns seem to have settled down. I also find that my knees are quite good. I have hiked three times this week without medicine.


- - -

I've been eating Hemp Hearts regularly at breakfast, 3-4 heaping tablespoons 5-6 times/week, for the past 2 year or so. I've noticed an increase in my energy level continuing throughout the day and into the evening. I no longer have my energy slump around 3 o'clock each afternoon and my craving for sweets has also diminished. My doctor has noticed an improvement in my cholesterol levels which have always been pretty good, near the lower end of the recommended range of 2-5, however since I've been eating Hemp Hearts, my cholesterol has dropped below 2. According to my doctor, the lowest he's seen in a patient without the use of medication.

Calgary, AB, Canada

- - -

Second order. . can't live without em anymore!! Wonderful product and we have shared it with friends and probably have given you five new customers.

Stevenson, WA, USA

- - -

After a year of using them they are still the best. My husband and I are way more healthy!!

Carson, WA USA

- - -

I love your product! I use it as an extra source of protein in my diet as I work out every day with weight lifting training. I find the Hemp Hearts an easy and portable way to add to my daily menu routine at work and home. I have been using Hemp Hearts for about a month now and have found an improvement in my energy levels and bowel habits.

St, John's, Newfoundland, Canada

- - -

[...] One thing that is difficult achieve in the high mountains is enough protein. Hemp Hearts were the perfect solution to this! I was convinced of the benefits of hemp before the trip [,,,]. I had hemp hearts everyday and I raced up the hills, where as my partner had Hemp Hearts occasionally and struggled almost the entire time! [...]

I am sold on Hemp for the rest of my life!! You have a confirmed lifetime customer!!

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

- - -

I have IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome ). Since I've been using hemp hearts my bowels are regular, I have much less stomach problems & much more energy than  I had in quite a while, I'm 61 , not very active due to other problems, cuts & bruises seem to heal much faster now, my hair & nails seem much healthier & grow much faster.. I would recommend everyone to try heart hemps on regular basis for at least a month, see for yourself the difference!!


- - -

I have been eating your hemp hearts now for approx. 3 yrs, mostly on my cereals and with yogurt in the morning because I liked the taste and I thought it was nutritional. It was only this past February that I visited your website and started dieting and eating seeds as per your guidelines for loosing weight. Combined with a half hour exercise routine in the morning and raw food Vegan dieting, I have easily reached and surpassed by 1 lb. my goal of 145 lbs and 30 in. waist from 175 lbs and 34 in. (4 months).  Thank you for the good food.

Ottawa, ON Canada

- - -

I have been eating Hemp Hearts for breakfast for the past three years. Not for any of it’s dietary benefits but for one of it’s medicinal benefits I discovered. I have epilepsy and learned that if I eat it for breakfast it will control my seizures till late in the evening. The cannabinoid called Cannabidiol (CBD), which is found in Hemp Hearts is the ingredient responsible for this. Unfortunately because of the side effect that this cannabinoid has I can not eat Hemp Hearts at night for it causes insomnia. So I am limited to eating Hemp Hearts only in the morning and it has helped me control my epilepsy all through my waking hours over the past three years better than any prescription drugs any doctor have ever put me on.

Whitby, ON, Canada

- - -

Hello, my name is Andrew.

I'm so sorry to trouble you with this, but, having just made another major order with you, I just had send my sincerest thanks to HEALING SOURCE.

Thank you so much for promoting health and healing by offering an such incredible products for very reasonable prices. This will sound odd, but I can't even begin to tell you how much your hemp hearts/oil have contributed to my good health and recovery. As a business, you like so break the mold.

Thanks again for being way too cool!

Kelowna, BC, Canada 

- - -

My doctor prescribed Crestor as a way to lower my cholesterol as it was up to 7.65..a friend told me of hemp hearts & generously gave me some of hers. In 1 year I dropped my cholesterol down to 2.65. My Dr.said I was his new poster gal for high cholesterol.Make no was the hemp hearts! They are all good!
My 81 yr old mother doesn't need her high blood pressure med's anymore since I got her on it!

Yay for the hemp hearts!!

Diana S.

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