Little Man’s SQUARE MEAL (1 Case)

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1 Case: 4x 32 Little Man’s Square Meals (hemp cookies)

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LMSM2bLittle Man’s Square Meal (Hemp cookies)

One case has 4 containers (32 cookies each)

This new Hemp Hearts (TM) product is high in protein, gluten and sugar free!

It’s sweetness comes from stevia, tiny amounts of maple syrup and tiny amounts of diabetic friendly mesquite flour (tree of life). It is gluten free – bonded with tiny amounts of cassava root (tapioca) and tiny amounts of diabetic friendly mesquite flour. It’s high in protein – from Embryonic Hemp Hearts, Embryonic Hemp Hearts flakes, egg and mesquite flour (tree of life). Also contains butter, cinnamon, and baking powder.


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