Hemp Hearts High Energy CRUMBLES (1 Case)

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1 Case: 18 tubs of  Hemp Hearts HIGH ENERGY CRUMBLES

One case contains 18 tubs.
Each  tub ( container) is 4 oz (120 g) of Hemp Hearts™, cranberries and almonds, bonded with  maple syrup.

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ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRAIN PRODUCTS, The inventor of Original Hemp Hearts ™ NOW offers another great health food:


A perfect turbocharger preferred by athletes because they can be used continuously as fuel… good for anyone who needs proteins and energy.

Tastes perfect by itself. Contains cranberries for long fibers. Also contains Almonds.
Hemp Hearts ™  and Cranberries with Almonds are bonded with maple syrup and various botanical extracts… no sugar or gluten.

Each serving is the protein equivalent of one quart of mother’s milk.

Unlike Hemp Hearts ™ , Hemp Hearts High Energy Crumbles ™, Hemp Hearts High Protein Crumbles ™, and Hemp Sweethearts ™, may lose their perfect fresh taste if they are stored un-frozen for many months. They will never be harmful. Some individuals may even prefer a more aged taste, but we recommend that they be kept in a freezer and used from the freezer. They will not actually freeze, but they will remain perfectly fresh virtually forever.

Allergy warning: Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes ™ may contain tiny amounts of other grains; our chocolate contains some dairy, sugar, vanilla and soy emulsifier; our nuts, fruit & maple syrup are typical bulk store items.

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