Hemp Dip Dressing Sauce (1 Case)

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1 Case: 12 jars (12x 225 ml)

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This new product is nothing more nor less than oil squeezed from Hemp HeartsTM – but containing the many very fine particles of Hemp Hearts that make it creamy. The taste is incredible…

About 1/3 of it consists of fine particles of Hemp Hearts™. It is certainly the best tasting oil on this Planet and the only one containing protein. Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce™can be used alone as a dip, a salad-dressing, a wok-cooking sauce, a frying-pan sauce, a meat-roasting sauce, a stuffing-sauce or a base for any of the above. If you add the following flavor ingredients to each jar, you can make some of the best traditional dips, dressings and sauces ever experienced. If you store it frozen you can use it directly from the freezer. It will never be harmful, but the taste will change after several months if it is not stored cold.


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