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We are the #1 PLACE TO BUY the original Hemp Hearts (TM) (shelled hemp seeds) Products ONLINE at huge discount!


Healing Source Ltd. is an established online reseller whose mission has been to expand the professional and consumer awareness of hemp as a Super Food since 2002. We are based in Alberta, Canada and currently ship across North America and Europe. We sell Hemp Hearts™ (shelled hemp seeds), Hemp Oil and Hemp Bars from a single processor, based on the quality of their product and the integrity of the company. We deal exclusively with this supplier, as our partner, and guarantee the freshness, quality and value of the products they manufacture.


Our partner is a small Alberta company with about twenty employees situated in an irrigated, food producing area of rural southern Alberta. They have 30 years experience working with local farmers to produce specialty crops on irrigated land, such as hemp. They have also designed, fabricated, installed and maintained the machines necessary to prepare a large variety of agricultural products for various markets. They design and fabricate equipment for extracting oil from various seeds, for fine and coarse grinding of seeds, for removing shells and hulls from various seeds, for cleaning, sizing and drying seeds, for mechanical and pneumatic conveying of seeds and products, for removing impurities from vegetable oils, for removing hot tastes from mustard seeds, for pulverizing spices and for packaging various products. They are industry leaders in the processing and preparation of shelled hemp seed and the exclusive suppliers of Hemp Hearts™ (shelled hemp seeds) in the market.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: A Healthy World of Healthy People

We are living in a healthy external environment – the planet, and a healthy internal environment – our bodies. We see this for the world. Hemp is a unique plant that is ecologically beneficial, requires no harmful chemicals to grow and provides a SuperFood for our bodies, fibre for clothing and building materials, and an abundance of biomass for fuel production. Every part of the hemp plant is useful and useable.

Our Mission: Healing the World with Hemp

We stand for a transformation of health by providing essential nutrition and education to the world. Hemp is one plant for the whole planet. We are healing our bodies one cell at a time; we are healing the world, one person at a time. Now is the time! Healing-Source invites you to join us in making the Global Difference. If you have dreams, ideals, possibilities, technologies or projects to share, please contact us.

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